Welcome to our testimonials page! We’ve created this section for everyone to read and leave a review on our featured book for today– The Geography of Hope.  


Hazel N. 


The Geography of Hope is exactly what I’d hoped for when I ordered the book, an optimistic synopsis of the future. I heard about this book and checked out the author’s website, I liked his sense of humor and purchased the book promptly through your website. 


Within the story, the book brings a lot of ideas from other authors, with quotes, and book reviews in seemingly every chapter. As a student and activist who’s always looking for case-studies and inspiration, The Geography of Hope is seriously awakening. The vision of author has even left me breathless a few times. 


Jerry F. 

Wow. I would recommend this book to anyone who is truly curious about the world we live in. Indeed an epic adventure. The author is a gifted researcher and social commentator above all else.  


Hannah G. 

Great book. Really does a good job exploring all the positive environmental achievements made around the world. It’s a nice change from the doom and gloom negative aspects of the problem. To be honest I read this in two rounds because it’s not easy to understand. Some of the workings is a little heavy but I really love The Geography of Hope. 


Dennis L. 

The Geography of Hope book is about sustainability and how the world is changing. However, it was just too long for me. Although the book was good, it is very complex and hard to focus on. Still, I enjoyed reading it and I think the majority of readers out there might enjoy it more than I did. 


Gemma F. 

Great details. The author traveled to all the places in this book and looked at sustainable places, people, and ideas around the world.