Power & Influence (or something)

Earlier today on Twitter, Liberal MP Justin Trudeau tweeted a picture of his bedside table:

Awakening the day after a long evening pounding the stuffing out of a Conservative Senator, Justin was obviously delighted to find this reminder of his father's proud political legacy. And once he was done basking in that, he was clearly ready to dig into an instruction manual for the future of Canadian progressive politics.

This reminded me of another surprising picture, this one from a retrospective gallery that a friend sent along in the wake of Jack Layton's untimely passing:

This photo is from 2008, I believe. Layton, obviously prepping for the greatest electoral breakthrough in the history of the New Democratic Party, was evidently cribbing from my book, The Geography of Hope, as he composed his platform.

I don't want to make too much of this coincidence - Layton reads GOH, wins Official Opposition status; Trudeau places The Leap on his bedside, finds the power to kick Conservative ass - but I'm beginning to suspect that I am the conduit through which the future unity of Canadian progressivism flows. Clearly if you care about the future of this great country, you'll go buy one of my books ASAP.