Since I'm on my own on this tour and I'm simply not very good at taking pictures of myself while talking, I don't have a lot of pictures (or any, really) of me in front of audiences on this German Leap tour. Those are kind of repetitive, anyway, though, so here are a few behind-the-scenes type takes on the tour (with my hearty thanks to the Embassy and Toronto Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany and local partners the Sustainability Network, Sustainable Waterloo Region, and Sustainable Prosperity for their help with the tour.)

Düsseldorfer Altbier! The real deal! At the German Consulate in Toronto, they had a keg of genuine imported Altbier from a previous event, and they generously donated it to the German Leap event. There were also German soft pretzels and other goodies. Plus we were expecting 90 people and got something like 200. An excellent night all around.

The day after my Ottawa event, Senator Grant Mitchell - an Alberta Liberal, believe it or not! - generously had me as his guest for lunch at the parliamentary dining room and then toured me around the Hill. This is not a particularly flattering photo of either of us. Thanks, anyway, Senator Mitchell!

Somewhat more flattering: I'm seated at the table where Pierre Trudeau sat with Queen Elizabeth II and signed the Canadian Constitution. The table is now in the office of the Speaker of the Senate.

Detail of the elaborate woodwork above the door leading from the antechamber of the Senate Speaker's office to the formal dining room (where President Obama, among others, dines when he's in Ottawa). Those are some seriously vicious-looking squirrels on that crest. If this whole beaver thing falls through, Canada could reinvent itself as the Land of the Badass Squirrel.