The Geography of Hope goes far beyond mere technology

 The Geography of Hope 


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Reading about things that are making a difference already, about the situations where change is being embraced really makes a difference. We seem to be attacked on every corner by what is wrong in the world we live in. The author of The Geography of Hope makes a manifestation that there is a reason to hope for the world, and for ourselves. If you need a dose of hope, we highly recommend the book of The Geography of Hope. We would even go so far as to say that if we hadn’t read this book, we wouldn’t have started to feature it on our blog. We would also have continued to feel concerned and overwhelmed by how much danger our planet is facing right now without feeling empowered to do anything about it. The author was inspired by the birth of his child to explore what sustainability really means. We, too, have young children. So, for their sake, and with the author as an example, Better Reads was moved out of paralysis to action, we promptly wrote a blog about this book and sell it nationwide. After the warnings and shocking predictions, the acclaimed national bestselling author finds hope in the search for a sustainable future.  


The chilling phrase “point of no return” has become a universal mantra of ecological doomsayers, an upsetting headline above stories about the melting permafrost and subsiding ice caps, and fears of a problem with no solution. The Geography of Hope points to a bright light at the end of this very dark tunnel if you dare to step beyond the eloquence of panic and despair. 


With all the analysis, arguments and front-line reporting, the author put together glimmers of optimism in the midst of the gloom and the solutions already at work around the world — from the largest wind farm to the greenest buildings and to the most eco-friendly communities. However, The Geography of Hope goes far beyond mere technology. The author asks the new generation of political, economic, social and spiritual organizations that could provide the global foundations for a sustainable future – from the green hills of to the parliament houses, from the villages, where microcredit finance has remade the social fabric, to the world’s most forward thinkers. 


In this book which covers the world’s beacons of possibility, the author pieces together a map of the dissimilar landmarks in a geography of hope. The world we all need exists. It only took a long time to find and anything that exists is possible. If you want to be a part of the generation that will beat the problems of the world, you can make this possible. Please spend some time reading The Geography of Hope to understand more about what we are saying. The book is available in our online store.